Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vlisco Fabric and The Pride of People who Wear Them

Vlisco brand shares in an extraordinary heritage of design and innovation that is grounded in Africa's tradition and love of nature which is also adapting to the needs of its growing consumer class. Vlisco originally produced batik fabrics for Dutch East Indies; its colony at the time which is the present day Indonesia. African soldiers who were on a commission took the colorful fabrics home to share with their poeple. The people fell in love with the fabrics and the soldiers kept supplying it to them. Vlisco then expanded its market and started designing for the African consumer. Africa and Africans around the world holds the biggest market share for Vlisco products.
In Africa and among Africans around the world; wearing authentic wax print by Vlisco is as good as driving a Rolls Royce or wearing a Rolex watch. The Vlisco wax print is given a unique name as soon as it hits the African soil by the people. The designs and colors on a fabric reveals a story, often meaningful to the wearer and their community. It may also provide information about the wearer’s tribal origin, social standing, age and marital status. In Africa and among Africans around the globe, Vlisco wax is handed down as an asset just like gold from generation to generation and it is a treasured asset. Tenuci is an official dealer of VLISCO products in the USA and we ship them around the world. As a young child, i watched my mother wear authentic Vlisco print with so much pride and joy. A woman who wears authentic Vlisco wax tells the world that she has arrived, that her husband loves her or that her children takes good care of her. Vlisco wax print is given to a new bride as a gift to start her new life. It was a thing of pride and joy for me when i started selling the same Vlisco wax print that i saw my mother wore as a kid. Below is a picture of my mother receiving her American citizenship wearing her Vlisco wax print.  It was a proud moment for me. It's been such a wonderful journey and i was happy to share it with my mother. Shop authentic Vlisco on my website at . Vlisco Super Wax is a brand of Vlisco wax that is in a class of its own and perhaps that is why others want to imitate the designs. Buy the guaranteed original that will last a lifetime like no other and is made with 100% high quality cotton. We also carry Vlisco Java print and the Woodin which is another line of Vlisco wax manufactured exclusively in African countries like Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire. Below is a picture of African women wearing Vlisco wax prints.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tenuci Fashion Show

Tenuci recently organized a fashion show for the annual ADC gala night in Minnesota titled "African Chic". Some of the fabrics were Tenuci products specifically designed for the fashion show. African Fabrics like the Swiss Voile Lace, Khanga, Brocade, Kente, Vlisco Wax Print, Woodin, African George were used for this occasion. African clothes from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Somalia were on display. Thank you to ADC team for giving Tenuci this wonderful opportunity. Tenuci is all about celebrating Africa and it's love of nature through its vibrant African fabrics. Home is Always in our Heart. Go to to shop these fabrics.
George Fabric
Hand Embroidered brocade from Senegal
Dutch Wax
African Lace fabric by Tenuci
Woodin Fabric from Ghana sold at Tenuci

The models getting ready for cat walk
Model with Obama Khanga from Tanzania
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Brocade with hand embroidery from Bukina F
Hand embroidery brocade

African Clothing

Tenuci works with various African Clothing companies who specialize in making African Wear and African clothes. Tekay Designs is one of those great partners. Thank you Tekay for the wonderful work you do for our community and your exceptional designs. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebrating Africa through Music and Dance

When ReNae contacted us at Tenuci looking for African fabric for her group; i was excited as usual to share a piece of Africa with a wonderful group.

Arizona Dunun Ensemble is a musical group comprised of players from Sedona, Cornville, Cottonwood, and Flagstaff, Arizona, and specializes in West African percussion. The Ensemble is dedicated to learning traditional rhythms and songs which accompany the Djembe, or “Jebe Bara,” which means Drum of Unity.

They strive to share this music with others as accurately and as skillfully as possible and have a lot of fun making a big, joyful noise in the process.
Over the past two decades the Djembe has become a hugely popular instrument all over the world, and in the United States it is often played without regard for African technique, tradition, and culture. Out of respect the AZ Dunun Ensemble believes these aspects should be remembered when playing this instrument; and they strive to keep the Djembe in its traditional musical context, hence the name Arizona Dunun Ensemble.

In West Africa, the Djembe is almost always accompanied by one or more Dunun, a two-headed cylindrical drum played with a stick. The Dunun is vital to Djembe music! It is the engine that provides the “bass” notes and the melody. Dunun is pronounced “due noon.”

Visit the group's page for other exciting events at
Tenuci is honored to have supplied the African fabrics used for the group uniform

Photo credits to Ron Shrewsbury.